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Our large and fully equipped garage offers all types of repairs on scooters of any brand.


We have a bench to perform reviews of motorcycles and scooters. The review of your motorcycle is a mandatory procedure as stated by the Highway Code to ensure that your vehicle is suitable for the road.

The review of all the two wheels vehicles is performed after 4 years from the first registration and then every 2 years. Check the manual of your vehicle and contact us now to make an appointment at 0577 280839. By conducting our audit and leaving you cell phone number in our database, we offer a free SMS service with a TERM REVIEW recall, ie within 2 years you will receive a text message reminding you of the expiration date of the review of your vehicle!


Our spare parts warehouse is fully equipped with shock absorbers, lights, lubricants and oils, drains, drives, batteries, tires, filters, brake pads. We sell the best brands on the market, including Syntium and Castrol (oils and lubricants), Textar (brake pads), Monroe (shocks) Yuasa (batteries), Michelin and Pirelli (tires).


We perform the changing of tires with mounting and balancing. It's important that this operation is performed by a qualified person. The disassembly and reassembly of the tires must be made by a professional staff with the right equipment for the different phases, using the correct assembly techniques. 

We can supply the sale and installation of winter tires for all types of cars. We have a great choice of tire brands. We also offer the service of only fitting and balancing of tires provided directly by the customer, for example, we can change the 4 wheels summer / winter and vice versa.

RENT a scooter, a bike, a car or a van!